USFWS UPDATE for May 2021


  • Closure of Carty Unit from Main Ave May 24th -June 7th (including weekends) for construction related to new Admin and site construction (can access from Port entrance as an out/back walk and a closure of the north end of Oaks to wetlands trail (June 10-11) for trail work by WTA. 
  • Kiwa will remain closed, as there has been sighting of a baby Crane! 
  • Grazing season has started, with cows and cowboys on Refuge both in public areas and closed; helps reduce management by the Service of the fields and get haying done
  • Two Biotechs and Tractor operator have been hired and joined our team, still in process of hiring an Admin Assistant
  • Ticks are out! Don't let them burrow in! (also out are: Turkey Vultures, nesting Purple martins and Osprey, CWTD fawns, and turtles on the sunny days at Ridgefield!)

  • SLNWR:

    • Closure has been moved down closer to Index; still having some trespass despite what seems to be an obvious closure.  Part of the problem is that the water trucks are filling at the Port and running nearly continuously on the dike top to abate dust throughout the project area.  So the gate is open to allow the water trucks to pass.  People are not reading the sign and interpreting the open gate as an invitation.   
    • Work has renewed on both setback levees.  
    • Work began on lowering the original dike.  There are a bunch of variables (river level, snow pack, forecasts) that drive this). - See LCEP's post shared on GRS social media for some more info/photos
    • Discussion of potential events for site in process (late July/Aug? potentially based on COVID and future when reopen); more on that to come.
    • CNC Community Engagement is helping us gather info that can be applied across Complex for signage etc as we redesign and plan trail. While some art was relocated in a plan developed as back as 2017, there is plenty of work and planning to do. Work with this focus likely to pick up in mid June/early July. 
    • Redesign of entrance sign and kiosk welcome panel will be upcoming focus as well
    • Volunteering increased at Oaks parcel to prepare for upcoming work

    Proof the levee is coming down... (C)LCEP from (May 12, 2021)